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Monika Rozalska

Monika Rozalska, Managing Director at CREATORS – the IDEAtion Lab based in Tel Aviv, Israel

Monika Rozalska serves as the Managing Director of CREATORS, an ideation lab that connects multinational corporations and experienced entrepreneurs to create a bridge between the corporate world and Israel’s Startup Nation to build groundbreaking technologies with a worldwide impact. Before joining CREATORS, Monika was a Deputy Director of TheHive by Gvahim, a startup accelerator program for international teams in Israel.


CREATORS has reversed the innovation model by partnering with experienced entrepreneurs before they create a startup (pre-idea and pre-team) who want to build their next ventures based on real market needs as identified by the strategic partners. The goal is to create new solutions that are very difficult for the strategic partners to solve internally while also helping the entrepreneurs create a high-growth company. A win-win for everyone.